Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Sister's Kitchen Pantry

Yesterday I started my weekly "Organizational Tips" post. I plan to post a new one every Monday morning, so don't forget to check it out every week! 

Part of my day yesterday was spent reorganizing a kitchen pantry for one of my many sisters. Personally, I like to group pantry items into baskets as it makes it more efficient when I'm going to prepare meals/dishes, etc. I organize the baskets by baking goods, canned goods, snacks, etc. I was able to use different baskets she already had, so the only purchase she had to make were a few canisters. Sometimes I label the baskets with mini-chalkboards (so the labels are easy to change if you need to), but you could make the labels with arts and crafts you already have around the house. She was thrilled with the end result. Here are some pictures:

Before Shot

After Shot

Her new canisters 

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