Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Linen Closet Reveal

I know I was MIA for the last half of the month of July and I wish I could say that I had spent ALL of my time working on my linen closet, but that would be a little white lie!

I did however, spend some time reorganizing completely redoing my linen closet and I'm excited to share it with you today.

linen closet reveal

I know..... you are probably saying "Linen closet?  Where were the linens before?"

They were spread out all over the house..

A blanket here.... a pillow there....

And, I actually had some linens in this closet here.... remember Boring!!

After some serious purging, I was able to switch the two closets.  The linens that remained were moved to the "New" linen closet and the glass and decor was moved to the other closet.  Confused you yet?

I will spend more time on this closet with of course, labels, labels, labels.

I used to have a bunch of other towels that I needed when all of the kids were home.  They were happy to take them off my hands.  Now I have a  nice supply of white ones for guests.   

The sheets are kept in the wicker baskets that are labeled "King" "Queen" and "Twin".  I kept one extra set of sheets for each size.  

I find that closets tend to have a stale odor to them....not sure why....maybe because they are closed up most of the time.  Whatever the reason, I added some really wonderful scented potpourri from Z Gallery.  Now when the door is opened, it smells like the ocean.

In the bottom of the closet is a foldable basket that I got on sale at World Market for $39!  It holds all of my blankets.

The new linen closet makes me feel calm and relaxed, definitely not bored!

How did your linen closet turn out?  Please send me your photos so I can share them with my blogging family!

Who's ready for the challenge for August?

Let's stick with closets and work on our:

Master Bedroom Closets

Happy Organizing!


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