Friday, February 22, 2013

Freedom Filer Update

As promised on my previous post here, today’s post is to update you on my experience with my new filing system, Freedom Filer.

Here are five things I like about it:

  1. Different colored labels by category. 
Why:  Makes it easy to remember where the file is that you are looking for.

  1. Pre-printed labels
Why:  Saved me the step of having to type and print.

  1. Self-purging filing system
Why:  Pretty self explanatory!  The system is designed in a way that it is constantly maintaining itself!

  1. Clutter free desk top
Why:  Because the system is designed so well, filing is no longer a task that I put off until it completely took over my office.

Freedom Filer

  1. Quick Index Guide
Why:  If I’m not sure of where to file system, included in the instructions is a guide (cheat sheet) that helps me determine quickly where I need to file something.

Freedom Filer

And now, five things I didn’t like about it:

1.   Initial Set Up

Why:  Time consuming.  But let’s face it, any new filing system would be time consuming.

2.   Ummmmmm….that’s it!

So, would I recommend it, you ask?  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

Why:  Well, I just gave you five reasons, but if you are still not sure, then run over to and I’m pretty sure you will be sold!

Pssst…Oh yeah, here’s a look at what my file drawers look like now:

Freedom Filer

Has anyone else using The Freedom Filer System?  Share your thoughts with us!

Have a great weekend!

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