Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Place for Suds

As part of my Laundry Room Challenge, I decided I wanted a different type of container to keep my detergent stored in other than the same old cardboard boxes.  When I was relocating things from the laundry room to the garage before I started painting, I came across some old galvanized buckets that I have had for sometime.
I decided to use this one to store my detergent but it needed some sprucing up!
Since my daughter, Kelly, has introduced me to Annie Sloan paint, I can’t get enough of it! I knew this bucket would be perfect to use the paint on.
First, I cleaned the bucket with mild dish detergent.  If you are interested in the cleaning steps, you can click here.
The next step was painting the first color, which I chose Duck Egg.  It took about 30 – 45 minutes to dry (which felt like forever).
Once it dried, I applied the next color which was Crème.  Again, tic-toc.. tic-toc. 
The next step was sanding because I wanted to have some of the Duck Egg and metal to come through on the surface.  I used very fine sand paper, and sanded randomly throughout the bucket.
The next step was waxing, which I did with both the clear and dark wax to get the finished look that I wanted.
Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan
Now came the hard part (well…not really...but I hate waiting). I had to let it dry for 24 hours!
Fast forward….and here it is!
Annie Sloan

I added a label with some leftover scrapbooking supplies and tied it to the can with some raffia.
Did you make any items for your laundry room?  I hope you will share with us soon!
Happy Organizing!

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