Monday, August 5, 2013

August Challenge

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I spent the last four days down in New Orleans helping my stepdaughter, Lauren, move into her new place, which I hope to be sharing with you later this month. 

 But for now....

We should get busy on our August Challenge, which is:

(drum roll)


As with most reorganization projects, one of the first things you will want to do is...

wait for it....

                                   wait for it....

                                                                       you guessed it...


Don't you just love that word!  As an organizer, it's my numero uno favorite!

Here's how you are going to do it:

You need 4 boxes labeled:


Remove articles that you know you are never going to use again and place in one of the containers other than "KEEP".

Try on your clothes!  Yup!  Go can do it!  You know what to do with them after that, right?

    If you share a closet, you may have to twist an arm or two to complete this challenge. 

    Once you have gone through everything, you are ready to organize and place things back in the closet.

    If this is just a day or week challenge for you, then go ahead and put things back and enjoy the refreshed closet!  

    I like to use the " I B O W" method when organizing my clothes.  It just adds a little sunshine to my closet.

    For those of you that are wanting to do a bit more than purging, here are a few other things you might want to consider for this month's challenge.

    Remove everything from the closet and clean all areas of the closet.  You may want to repaint or wallpaper the walls.

    Maybe add shelves for shoes, purses, etc. that can't seem to stay off the floor.  Another option might be an over the door organizer.  If you are going to purchase new containers for storing consider clear ones.

    Becky over at Organizing Made Fun had some great tips on how to use hangers beyond clothes to organize the closet.


    One trick that I like to use when storing boots and purses, is to add paper tissue or bubble wrap to keep the items upright on a shelf or floor.

    Your closet is a place that you go to everyday at least once or twice.  Why not add a photo or something that is special to you.  There might be a spot to place an inspirational message to yourself.

    And, of course, label, label. label.

    Relax...those skinny jeans from last fall just might fit after all!

    Happy Organizing!


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