Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Closet Organizing Tips

As August begins to wind it's way down you should be well into your master closet makeovers.

Some of you may already be finished...give yourself a big Woo hoo!

For those of you who aren't finished, here are a few more tips that might help you get there. 

I've also included a couple of tips to keeping your closets organized!

Tip #1

Try to use clear containers if you are going to be storing items in your closet that you use.  If you don't see it - chances are you aren't going to use it.  I really like these all-access containers from Rubbermaid that store things nicely and are stackable.

Tip #2

Maximize the space that you have in your closet.  I recently organized a closet for a male client who had a very large collection of baseball caps.  With most of his space on the shelves already being utilized, I noticed that he had a lot of wall space available.  By using Command Hooks, I was able to hang his hats on a wall that made them easily accessible and he was able to see all of his options.  His wife was pretty happy as well because she was tired of seeing the same hat on his head all of the time.  If you are wanting to do it cheaper than the cost of the hooks, you could use small nails if you don't mind the tiny holes in the wall.

Tip #3

If you find that you have trouble getting yourself ready and out the door on time, consider designating a section in you closet for a week's worth of clothes.  You can diy or purchase labels for each day of the week.

Here are some from The Container Store that are under $10 for a package of 12 (you could split with the hubby or a roomie).
Tip #4

Place your hangers back on the rod where you pulled the article of clothing.  When you do your laundry, place the clothing items on extra hangers and then as you are rehanging in your closet it will be easy for you to see where that item needs to be placed back on the rod.  When you are finished hanging your items back into the closet, then you can remove the empty hangers and take them to the laundry room.

Tip #5

Make everything have a place.  Lots of times things get out of order because something hasn't been given a designated spot.  When you are deciding on the best spot for the item, make it one that makes sense.  In other words, don't put shoes that you wear regularly on the top shelf or hats and scarves in the bottom of a big basket under three blankets (well, I got a little carried away, but you would be surprised at what I see sometimes).

Be consistent.  I know you've heard the saying "21 days to form a habit".  Well, this would be one of those habits you really want to form.  If you have spent the time to get your closets organized and looking pretty, why not take an extra few seconds on the front end to put things where they go.  It will save you so much time and headache overall.

Can't wait to see your masterpieces!

Happy Organizing!!


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