Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Kitchen Panty Door & Why I Did It

kitchen pantry

Do you have a spot in your house where someone can see in at night time but you can't see out if your lights are on?

Does it give you that kind of creepy feeling all over?

Well, that's what I have at my front door.  But, if I open my pantry door at just the right angle, it blocks the view into my kitchen and keeping room where I typically hang out!  So, the pantry door stays open 99.9% of the time day and night!  Sounds a little crazy, I know, but hey, whatever works!

Creepy feeling at the front door resolved - but the old view of the pantry door was, although harmless, creepier!

When I was reorganizing my Kitchen back in April, I looked at that pantry door and knew I had to change it.

I remembered that I had picked up these small jars from Hobby Lobby about a year ago after Southern Living magazine featured them with a BBQ rub recipe.   And while my awesome sisters, Pege & Cheryl made rub and labels, I on the other hand did not.


The jars are just too cute with the little wooden spoons attached and they work great for small spoonfuls!

I found these free labels and was able to download and customize them for what I needed.  I didn't want adhesive labels so I printed on white card stock, cut them out and then laminated them to protect from moisture.

I used foam board and white contact paper and made a base for each wire shelf so the jars don't move around when the door occasionally gets opened and closed.  For the top two shelves, I used larger glass jars for items like cocoa, baking Splenda, etc.

Now when I walk past this area of my kitchen, I just smile!  No more creepies - well at least not in my pantry!

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