Friday, August 16, 2013

Complete the Look

Jewelry Storage

Does your closet get over taken by those fun items that can make a simple blouse and pair of slacks become a stylish outfit good enough to be on the cover of your favorite style magazine?

I mean...

that's how it makes ME feel when I accessorize.  And that's what really matters, right?

I actually heard on a morning news show recently that most people have a HUGE misconception about how much other people are looking at them and judging how they look.

That's a good thing because there's so much more to us underneath all those fun accessories.

But...they are fun....and it's great to be able to put our fingers on them when we want let's get busy and organize them.


There are a lot of different options for storing & organizing jewelry, from elaborate wooden cases to ice cube trays and everything in between.  When deciding on how you want to organize your jewelry, think about a few things:

How do you want to organize?

By category - Earrings/Bracelets/Necklaces
By season - Fall/Winter vs Spring/Summer
By color - Silver/Gold/White/Black/etc.

You may want to keep your "go to" items in a separate spot all together.

Last year I purchased these inexpensive craft storage containers for all of my costume earrings, necklaces and rings.

I have several of them for different categories like gold necklaces, silver, Brighton, etc. and they have kept my jewelry very organized. 

Where do you want to keep your organized jewelry?


Before making a decision to purchase something to use for storing and organizing your jewelry, you should know the answers to the above questions.  A little more time on the front end saves money and time on the back end. 


This is an accessory that has really become popular year round (even here in the south).  Chances are your inventory of scarves is booming these days!

resource unknown

Again, you will want to ask yourself some questions that will help you determine your needs.

Are there any scarves I haven't worn in over a year?

If you answered yes, you should consider getting rid of them.

How do I want to organize my scarves?  

By weight of fabric vs color
Hanging vs folding 

How often do you wear scarves?

Frequency may be a factor in determining accessibility

This is a really popular way of organizing scarves that I found on Pinterest.  Doesn't seem like it would cost too much if you don't already have some extra shower curtain rings and a sturdy hanger!

Belts could be hung on those rings as well.  Or you may want to hang them from decorative hooks.


First things first on the shoes....PURGE!  Take all of your shoes out of the closet and put them in categories.


I's really hard to let go of those favorite black pumps that you finally molded just right to your feet....but let's get real with ourselves and take a good hard look at them.

Do they just need a good polishing up?

Are they missing caps on the heels?

       ..........You know the sound, right?  It's like a loud siren going off each time you take another step.

"ALERT! ALERT!"  Girl in the office missing a heel cap!!

You know who you are out there!  Get busy checking those shoes and letting go of the ones that are beyond repair.

Now that you have weeded out the bad ones, you may want to take it a step further and determine if you have any that are very similar that you could let go of one of the pairs.  (Does it feel like you are getting teeth pulled right about now?)  

Once you have dwindled down your shoe inventory you are ready to evaluate the best way to keep them in your closet.

There are a lot of different options for shoe storage. 

Shoe boxes

Love this idea from bergdorf princess for wasted space under a stairway 


If your weekend weather is predicted to be anything like mine - rain, rain and more rain....this could be the perfect weekend to attack those accessories.

And even if you have a few less "fun" accessories - you will still have the Complete Look inside & out!

Happy Organizing!



Kelly said...

This is such a CUTE post!!!! Maybe, just maybe, I can related to the girl is the office with the missing heel cap.... I actually worked on my closet this weekend and am loving it already!

annie hearts said...

How awesome Kim!

I'm a jewelry and scarf lover, so this fits right in for me!
I came here from Pretty Organized and hopefully Casey's followers won't crash your website, like they did mine! Be READY!!!

Annie XO