Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July's Challenge

Linen Closets/Storage Space

Can we say boring?

That would be the best way I know to describe MY linen closet.  If you are feeling the same way about your's, this challenge is for you too!!

It's one of those spaces that always ends up on the back burner I guess because it's behind closed doors!!  That can be a scary thing - what goes on behind closed doors!!

I have two closets in my hallway, one houses my linens and the other I use to store glassware and table decorations.  The latter one is actually just outside my guest bathroom and divides the two guest rooms. I'm going to switch these two closets because it just makes a lot more sense. 

Here is my game plan to makeover my space and hopefully, it will be helpful to you.

Remove everything.
Purge old items for Goodwill.
Paint/Wallpaper walls.
Utilize door space.
"Pretty up" the shelves.
Baskets/Containers for odds & ends

Here's some great spaces I found for inspiration.

I love what she did with her shelf edges.

Great use of space with wire shelves.

This closet is neat AND pretty!  The fabric on the baskets adds a nice touch as well as the crowns on the darker baskets.

Love the use of an armoire or free standing piece of furniture for this linen space.

This challenge should be fun and I'm hoping to see lots and lots of linen closet makeovers the first week of August!

Let's get started!!

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