Friday, June 28, 2013

A Crafty/Office Closet

Several years ago when we became "empty nesters" I changed a spare bedroom into my office space.  

One of the first things that I did at that time, was remove poles and doors from the closet and install wire shelves.   I had already purchased my table/desk which didn't have any storage so I knew I was going to need storage space somewhere else in the room.

craft closet

As part of my office makeover that I revealed earlier this month, I made a few cosmetic changes to the closet, but wanted to share it with you as a separate post.

And I can't go any further without introducing my new best buddy...

I got this nifty laminator as a birthday gift from my daughter, Katie and I can't stop, laminating!  

Intervention in my future!

The labels for my baskets were super easy to make.  I typed two on a page and then printed them on scrapbook paper left over from my file folders project.  After running through the laminator, I cut them to size and rounded the corners with my Crop-a-dile Corner Chopper.  I placed adhesives on the back and tah dah!

As much as I love Pinterest, I still enjoy the relaxation of looking at my favorite magazines and pulling out ideas, and  I like to store them in magazine holders.

Originally, I was going to order these but the blue/green colors weren't right for my room.

So, I recycled ones that I already had by using more of the scrapbook paper to cover the original colors.

The bottom shelf holds my sewing machine (which I have come to love dearly, by the way) and my gift card storage box, along with various labels for my label makers.

Below the shelves are storage units that house all of my scrapbooking items.  I love that they are on wheels and I can push them right over to my desk for easy access.

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and seeing my "crafty/office closet".  I would love for you to share your craft/office space with us by emailing me at oisfororganize

And now getting back to our 12 Month Challenge.....

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Stay tuned for lots of great tips!

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Kelly said...

It came out great; LOVE the labels... Looking forward to some linen closet inspiration!!