Thursday, August 7, 2014

Backyard Renovation - Part 2

I'm back for part 2 of our renovation and if you didn't get to read part 1 you can find it here but be sure to jump back over when you're done so you can see how it all turned out!

For the rest of you,  I believe the next phase of our project was our new fence.

My husband, being the structural engineer that he is, and the fact that we live in South Louisiana and have lots of hurricane threats, wanted a very strong fence.

I was going to say that I wasn't going to bore you with all the details of what "we" used to install our fence, but, when I asked my "engineer husband" for a few of them, I just couldn't pass up sharing the text message dialog that happened next.  It went something like this:

Me:  "Honey, I'm writing my post about the backyard makeover and need a "few" details on the fence.

Husband:  "Sure honey.  I used 38 - 6' x 6' posts...The back fence is 9'3" tall with posts at 5' 4" on center.  Posts are embedded 3' deep in ground".

Me:  "Thank you honey."

Husband:  "Side and front fence is 8' 3" tall.  Posts are at 7' 6" on center.  We used 4 - 2x4 rails.  That is the horizontal wood that the fence boards are nailed to.  Fence boards are 1x6x8' tall."

Me:  "Ok, that's good!  Thanks honey."

Husband:  "Fence boards overlap so that when the wood dries out and shrinks there will not be any gaps to see through, hence, a privacy fence.  The custom features include a 2x12 top plate, a 1x4  top side plate, and a 2x12 bottom plate.  The gates are reinforced with galvanized steel pipe frames to prevent sagging of the door frames with time."

Me:  "Ok, thanks honey!  I'm not getting that technical, but thank you!  Love you!"

Husband:  "Each post had 2 to 3 bags of cement."

Me:  "OooooKayyyyy"

Husband:  "All wood was pressure treated wood."

Me:  "Babe....OK.....GOT IT!"

Husband:  "I have more to give you"

Me:  "No really, I'm good."

Husband:  "Can't leave out that it's designed for latest ASCE 7-10 wind loads."

Me:  "Calvin, seriously, I am trying to get my post done!"

Husband:  "Therefore, this is a custom engineered wood privacy fence.  Enough?"


Husband:  "Done babe."

Whew!  Glad I only asked for a "few" details!

All that being said, remember that little tease about a trip to the ER?  That would be when "we were putting this fence up".  

The entire time we were out there, he couldn't have been more cautious about MY safety.  To the point that he would check, check and recheck to make sure the ladder was secure before I got on it.  

Unfortunately, while he was cutting a board with the circular saw.....well....(here's the part where me, the dramatic one, could get all "and the blood was oozing out everywhere, and "I" almost passed out"... but instead, we'll  just leave it at ..... the wound has healed nicely and he has full use of his thumb again!

Once the fence was completed and the thumb healed we were able to move on to the final phase of bringing in all of the "fun" stuff!!

I love the sounds of waterfalls and fountains so I knew I wanted one for the patio.  This feature was part of my inspiration for a "french provincial" style.  I placed a few plants and an orange tree around it for now and look forward to maybe adding some wall features in the future.  


One of our favorite parts of the backyard is our new hot tub!  Our original plan was to put in a swimming pool which I was pretty pumped about because I grew up swimming most of my life.  My dad taught me how to swim when I was 2 and I have great memories of summers spent at the pool.

However, this past December I was diagnosed with skin cancer and I continue to fight it today.  So, swimming pool was not in the cards!!!!

But, that sweet engineering husband of mine....well, he surprised me with a hot tub instead.  

It's large enough to seat 7 people with plenty of room to move around....and he got this huge umbrella so I can "cautiously" get in during the day if I want to!

I really enjoy it the most in the evening with all of the jets and lights and maybe a glass of wine or two!! 

Oh yeah.....When the guys were installing the hot tub, we were standing around admiring our new toy when I looked up in the tree and spotted this little big raccoon!

I couldn't get over the fact that this thing was out during the day, right?  Well,  that would be because SHE was pregnant!  She actually hung around daily in that tree because that's where she delivered her baby(s).

Sorry for the poor photography but I ran inside and grabbed the first thing I could find to get a quick shot!  I think this was a post-delivery moment!  She looked pretty pooped straddling the tree branch.  I actually saw one of the babies pop his head out of the hole in the tree just above the branch she is laying on.

I'm happy to report that Momma and babies have moved on and I can sit comfortably in the hot tub and not feel like someone or should I say, something(s) is watching me.  I mean, it was just a  little creepy!

The girls and I made a trip to Home Goods on Mother's Day and we found these pretty blue & white cushions that blend perfectly with my new melamine dishes.  When we were getting ready to check out, we stumbled upon this cooler "on wheels" which we can roll right up next to the hot tub for easy access to refreshments! 

We are really enjoying our new extension of our home outdoors and looking forward to cooler weather and lots of gatherings with family and friends!

Oh....I almost's a Before During & After of the patio!

My grand-dog, Lulu and I want to thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the visit!


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