Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Challenge

It's That Time Again!

Time to get ourselves organized in another area of our home and for the month of October, I have chosen:

Guest Bedrooms
(p.s. If you don't have a guest bedroom, you are not off the hook!)

Choose an area of your home that you have a tendency to put off organizing!  One of my guest rooms is definitely that area for me!

In particular, the closet...yikes!

As you can see, this guest room closet gets quite the variety of items thrown into it.

So pick your guest room or spot and challenge yourself to really clean this room (or other area) really good. 

Before you get started, take pictures please for your before & after!

Get boxes for Trash/Keep/Donate/Sell.

Remove everything from under the bed, nightstands, dresser drawers, closets and any other storage/cluttered area in the room.

Purge the items into one of the boxes.

Ask yourself if these items are really worth keeping.  After all, how long have they been tucked away?  Did you even remember they were there?  Can you live without them?

Remember one key to keeping your home organized is having a place for everything.   You may want to consider adding shelves in a closet or on a wall if there are items that you want to keep. 

Now that you have the room cleared, give the room a good cleaning.

Wipe down the baseboards and windows.  Clean the fan blades and light fixtures.

Clean the linens (including bedskirts).  This is a great time to flip the mattress.

You might want to change the paint color or add a fresh coat.

Maybe it's time for rearranging the furniture.

Once you have completed the cleaning, then have fun reorganizing and decorating your room.

After your done, it's picture time again!

If you want to be featured on my blog, please email your before & after pics to me at oisfororganize@gmail.com and tell me how you completed the process.

It will be so worth it when you're finished!

Happy Organizing!

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