Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Renovated Cabinet

Way back in August, when I was taking a road trip to Atlanta with my daughter, Kelly...

while she was busy working...

I was busy shopping (with one of my sisters)...

who knows all of my favorite shops near her house.

And that's where I found this little guy....that I knew right away... was coming home with me.

Other than a little broken tip on the bottom.....he was in pretty good shape (on the outside).  

 It had this contact paper that I ripped out and was left with lots of old glue to sand away.

After sanding and painting and sanding and painting....I decided it was just too plain solid white so, using painters tape, I added some color to the doors and top.   I used the same "Zen" color that matches my desk and wall.

For the top, I placed a piece of tape at the edge and then a second piece right next to the first piece.  Then I removed the first piece which left me with the areas that I wanted to paint "Zen".  When I was painting the stripes on my office wall, I learned a great tip from Melissa @ The Inspired Room that keeps your lines crisp looking.  Simply paint over the edges of the tape with the base color that you are painting before you paint your accent color.  It seals the edges!!!

I also added a few Command Hooks on the inside of the doors to hold my "go to" umbrella and a couple of other items that I always seem to be looking for.

I moved the white organizer from my desk which frees up much needed space for me but is still easily accessible on the new cabinet.

The handles were replaced with coral ones that match my credenza.   This time they were on sale at Anthropology for $2.95 each.

Love when I feel like I got a deal!

I just love the way adding a little cabinet...

all the way from Atlanta....

completes me....well, my office.

Supplies Purchased to complete this project:

Second hand cabinet $30
2 door handles $6.43
Total cost = $36.43 

Supplies already on hand:

White Paint
 "Zen" Paint
 Painters Tape

P.S. I was not compensated in any way by Command Hooks or Anthropology.

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