Thursday, November 21, 2013

Preparing for Thanksgiving Day Dinner

One week away before its Turkey Day (corny, I know)…

Is the panic starting to set in yet?

Are you freaking out trying to get it all together?

Or maybe you haven't even given it a thought yet…

until now that I've brought it up!

And since I brought it up, I guess it's only fair that I offer a few tips that I do to help ME get prepared:

1.  Take a deep breath, it's going to be awesome!!!!

2.  Make yourself a cup of calming herbal tea.

3.  Grab a notepad and a pen pencil….chances are things are going to change.

4.  Click here for a great Thanksgiving guide from Williams-Sonoma that offers tips & techniques, recipes and menus, and even a great timeline and a printable tool checklist.


I have used their guides for several years, and they haven't failed me yet.

5.  Encourage family to get involved because it's really not just about the meal as much as it is about the memories and traditions.

And, for those of you who sometimes feel that preparing for Thanksgiving Dinner is a "thankless" job…

I applaud you!!!

You have already done a great job…just for being you….

 just for being that person who takes the initiative…takes the time to prepare…

goes to the grocery store…puts the groceries away….

sets the table beautifully…prepares and cooks the dinner…offers the prayer of Thanksgiving…

and then sits back and watches the enjoyment of all of those people that you are so thankful for.


p.s. I was in no way compensated by William-Sonoma.

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