Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Simple Solution to Storing Jewelry

With all the fun costume jewelry that has become so popular I've found my jewelry inventory has increased as of late. And, while I love love love it all, I have struggled with the best way to store  it.  I love all of the different ways I've seen on Pinterest and in magazines that are like bulletin boards, and I've searched my home for the ideal spot to make one work, but can't seem to find it.

I have tried several different options, but think (hope) I have found one that will work well.  First, I tried using Command hooks which actually held my necklaces well, but I hung them on the back of my office door, which made a noise that frightened anyone in its path when opening or closing it. Not to mention, I still had the dilemma of how to store earrings, pendants,  and bracelets.

Next, I decided to purchase actual jewelry storage containers. Those worked for a little while, but they only fit in my closet on an inconvenient shelf.  The containers were a little pricey, and I probably needed to purchase more, but I wanted to see if I could find something less expensive that would fit in my bathroom drawers.

So, I was pretty excited last week when I found these craft containers for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby.  They fit in my drawers perfectly and I can stack them 2 and 3 deep.  I love that they are see through and I stored the jewelry by category.

Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage

I had some sock drawer dividers that a family member was throwing out and placed them in my  dresser drawer to store bracelets only.

Jewelry Storage

I know it's not the prettiest way to store my jewelry, but sometimes simple is the better solution.

I would love for you to share your jewelry storage system. Oh, and feel free to include pictures.

Happy Organizing!


Denise Etheridge said...

another great idea from you.. i'm on my way to hobby lobby after work today for sure...
thanks again. keep them coming...

Anonymous said...

I actually think storing your jewelry in a neat manner is the prettiest way to do it. It looks very organized, and you can easily find which jewelry to wear for the day. I suggest, though, a small lamp with a LED light bulb placed near your drawer. This way, you can see even the smallest pieces.

Cody Stephens