Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Office/Craft Room Command Central

When I decided to make one of my spare bedrooms into my Office/Craft room awhile back, I had some blank space on one of the walls and knew I wanted some type of command center to fill it. After looking around at local stores and online,  I could not find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to make it myself.

I started with measuring the space to get the most out of the blank wall.  Then I took off to Lowe's to hunt for the materials I needed to complete my task.   I wanted a white pegboard, and was pretty excited to find they actually carried it (which eliminated the painting steps).  However, I did notice that Lowe's carries pegboards in brown, so if you want it in a different color you could certainly prime and paint it.

Once I found my pegboard, I picked up several hooks of different shapes and sizes to hang my items on the board.  I already thought about what I wanted to go on the board, so I knew before I left home what hooks I was looking for.

My next stop was the wood trim area because I wanted to frame the pegboard to give it a finished look.  There are lots of different types of trim to choose from and this was the one that caught my eye  (it didn't come in black, but I had a satin finish black spray paint for wood at the house already).

Office/ Craft Room

In order to hang the pegboard on the wall I needed four screws and rubber washers to create a gap between the wall and board for the hooks to be able to be placed into the pegboard properly.

After locating a nice salesperson to custom cut the pegboard and trim it to the measurements I needed, I was on my way home to begin my project.

The assembly of my Command Central Pegboard took very little time.  I used a wood glue and attached my painted trim, and after the proper drying time of the the glue, I screwed it into the wall. (It's definitely helpful to have an extra pair of hands to help guide you with the rubber washers.)

The only thing left was placing my hooks where I wanted them and then attaching my things!!

Office/ Craft Room

What do you think?

Office/ Craft Room

I purchased the round containers from The Container Store online (oh how I wish we would get this store in my city). The containers have a magnet on the back of them and attach to the magnetic strip.

Office/ Craft Room

The file organizer and canisters were purchased at Office Depot and the file folders are from Vera Bradley.  I took some leftover ribbon I already had and hot glued it around the canisters.

Office/ Craft Room

Office/ Craft Room

I love to put inspirational items throughout my home and the gold leaf that you see was a gift brought back to me from New York.  The leaf was molded from an actual Sweet Gum leaf that was within a 500 mile radius of the site of the World Trade Center.  It's their plan to plant hundreds of Sweet Gum trees at the memorial site as a hopeful symbol of bringing new life to the rebuild area.

Office/ Craft Room

Do you have a Command Center that you would like to share? Would love to hear from you!!

Happy Organizing!

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