Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Back!!!

Wow! I certainly didn't think I would be away this long!

Calvin and I had a great vacation, which started out in New Orleans for a few days to take in some "delish" food and  sightseeing.  We also enjoyed the American Cancer Society Hope Gala with friends and family, as well as a Saints football game.  After a few days in Nola, we headed east... only to come to an abrupt stop right before the Louisiana/Mississippi line due to car trouble!!  Six to eight hours later, we were back on the road for what turned out to be a very relaxing week in Perdido Key, Florida.  I usually don't turn on the tv when I am on vacation at the beach, but this time, I was glad I did.  Little did we know, Hurricane Isaac was headed our way back home!!

I had a couple of days to prepare and realized that when it comes to being organized and prepared for a hurricane, I was definitely lacking!  So, I decided that since this probably won't be the last time we will have a hurricane threat, I should have a "to do list" for hurricane preparedness.  Here are a couple of websites that I came across that I think are very helpful.  You can print them out to take with you to the store and/or put in a file labeled "Hurricane/Emergency Preparedness".

I strongly recommend having a container(s) with some of the essential items stored in an area in the home or garage prepared at all times.  And, of course, labeled!!
Here are some pictures from the our vacation:
Hurricane Preparedness
My daughter, her husband, Calvin & I at the Hope Gala

Hurricane Preparedness
Car Trouble!!!

Hurricane Preparedness
Finally made it poolside!

Hurricane Preparedness

Happy Organizing!

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