Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Favorite Things Tuesday

Yesterday I wrote about the Office Space Makeover Challenge.


I mentioned adding art decor and family photos to your space to make it personal.  

You know the kind.   

That little trace of your child's hand on construction paper.  

Or maybe it's the crayon filled "art" that only a Mom can truly appreciate.


You see, I was in my own office late last night attempting (notice I say attempting) to make improvements to my blog and hours later, and a few less hairs on my head, to no avail.

It was just at that moment when I wanted to say a few "dirty words" and I looked up and saw these two precious faces looking back at me.


I could still hear the sound of their little voices.

              That innocent baby smell that makes your heart calm.

It's the kind of thing that stops you in your track and regardless of how simple it looks, it transforms into something so much bigger than they even knew it could be.


By far my most favorite Mother's Day gifts ever!

As for the blog improvements.....stay tuned!


Unknown said...

So so precious!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nene! Brings back so many wonderful memories.