Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Little Red White & Fruit

 Living in the south and not having a pool in your backyard can make for a very hot Memorial Day weekend!

july 4th party

Thank goodness for Pinterest and some great water recipes!

Fruit infused water

Calvin and I celebrated by having some friends and family over for a BBQ!!


Some how, the men ended up outside together while the women stayed indoors and enjoyed the good ole A/C!!


It was a great time to get together and celebrate the men and women who have and continue to fight for our freedom in this beautiful country of ours!


Hop over to www.makoodle.com to see the tutorial on how we made these yummy Patriotic Pops!

How did you celebrate Memorial Day?

And for all of my followers in other countries, I hope you had a great weekend as well!!

Take care,


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The pictures don't tell the whole story, because the waters were awesome, the food was great and the cookie pops were delish, but the decorations and the warmth we all felt at your home was by far the best!! Thanks for everything...