Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baking Soda & Water, right?

When I tackle a room, I usually try to do the more difficult item first.  Based on some time management research that I have studied, if you tackle the least desirable item on your list first, you are more likely to complete your "to do" list than if you wait leave it for last.

Yeah, well, I kinda threw that thought out the window for this month's challenge in the kitchen....I saved the worst for last - the dreaded oven!

Self cleaning... why yes, I'm blessed with a self-cleaning oven....

but, here's what it looks like when it's completed a 3 hour cleaning cycle...

Not my idea of CLEAN!

Pinterest to the rescue, maybe?

As I searched Pinterest, this pin seemed to be repinned more than others and figured it must be a good one.

I got so excited, I jumped resistantly got off the sofa and went right to work...

without reading the directions all the way through.

See, the directions I read said, "a little (okay, maybe a lot) of baking soda and water".

oven cleaner

But what I missed was the part about this being just for the glass on the oven door.


I scrubbed....

      and I wiped....

              and I scrubbed....

                       and I wiped....

And then of course, here's what happens when the baking soda & water mix drips in between the door.

oven cleaner

I"m not even going to tell you what else was in there!

Several hours later and one really sore back and elbow and I'm done!  

oven cleaner

It looks great, right?  Well, okay...better, much better!

oven cleaner
                      Before                                             After

Afterall, I can close the door and look at this pretty dish towel!

oven cleaner

If you are thinking about cleaning your oven anytime soon, let me know how it goes.

Oh, and you might want to read ALL the directions.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the entire Kitchen Reveal!



Haha, I'm cracking up.. I have tried so many things for my oven.. Thanks once again for the head's up..

Kelly said...

At least its all clean and sparkly now!