Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Office Space Inspiration

We are more than halfway through May and revealing our office makeovers!

 How is your's coming along?

Along with some serious reorganizing, I knew I wanted to make some aesthetic changes to my office space but have really been struggling with exactly what those changes were going to be!

Until now....

This room makes my decision crystal clear!

I can already feel that white rug on my bare feet.


There are several elements going on in this room that I'm in LOVE with!

For instance:

Paint colors
Single wall in a different color and pattern
Light fixture(s)
Top of the desk
White boxes
Cabinet with lighting

and how about that

candy/gum ball jar thingy!!

Stop drooling Kim, and get to work!

How do you go about changing a room?

Do you have an inspirational photo that you are working from now for your office space?

Would love for you to share with us!!  Just drop it in an email to and I will be happy to post!

Whew...I've got lots to do now!

Take care,

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