Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mom's Birthday

Well, this wasn't what I planned to talk about today, but sometimes God takes us in a different direction and I know this is where my mind and heart are today. My mother would have turned 87 years young today and I know I can speak for all of my siblings when I say that our hearts are heavy.

Moms Birthday

Mom taught all seven of us a lot of things about life, one, of course, being organization. We had to be organized, or at least she had to be for us. Can you imagine trying to keep up with laundry for nine people (including her and my Dad)? Or, making sure that every one of us had what we needed to be prepared for school? And meals, she always managed to get dinner on the table at the same time every night and somehow please all of us (well, almost always please all of us). I will never forget when we would take family vacations and she never left an item behind. I asked one day not so long ago how she did that. Her beautiful face lit up whenever she would talk about the past and this time was no different. She giggled, and then said, "I would make a list of everything that went into the suitcase and then pin the list to the inside. When it was time to pack up and leave, I would check the list and that way I knew I had everything." Wow! What a simple concept. But, really, how did she even have time to think straight? I'm sure there was nothing simple about taking care of seven kids.

Moms Birthday

There are so many more beautiful things I could and would love to share with you about my mom and probably will from time to time. For now, I'll just say, Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and miss you but know you are with Dad and the good Lord in Heaven!

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