Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paint Storage – Part One

One of the many items that I have to purge through before I can complete MY garage makeover is P A I N T ,  lots and lots of P A I N T

Several of the paint cans that I have stored in the garage are old paint colors, no longer being used in our home or they are too old to use.  So, why hold on to them right?

Disposing of paint is not as easy as just throwing it in a garbage can and putting out for pickup.  I researched a couple of websites and learned that at least in the state of Louisiana, there are some guidelines.

To sum it up:

1.      The best way to dispose of paint is to use it all, of course, not mandatory (haha).

2.      If you can’t use it all, they suggest that you pass it on to someone who could use it!  Really?  I can’t ever recall picking a color of paint that I knew just the right person that would want my leftovers!!  Pardon the sarcasim, but really?

3.      If the can of paint is more than ¼ full, you should take it to a household hazardous waste location.  Baton Rouge’s Spring 2013 collection will be Saturday, June 1 at Memorial Stadium.  You can research online for your particular area, if you have such a requirement.

4.      Hardened/dried-out paint can be disposed of in a landfill. Leftover latex paint can be dried by removing the lid and allowing the paint to air dry. Be certain that the drying occurs in a location protected from children and pets.

5.      If the can is less than ¼ full, you can mix it with an absorbent (i.e. kitty litter or dirt) and dispose of in a landfill.

6.     Empty paint cans and those containing dried paint can be safely disposed with municipal trash.

So, my process began…

Here’s some “uh oh” wrong colors of paint drying out….

Off to Wal-Mart I ran to get kitty litter and this part was lots of fun….

Now that I’ve cut my inventory in half my next project will be determining how to store the remaining colors for touch-ups, etc.

…stayed tuned for Part 2 of Paint Storage

How is your garage challenge going?  Please share your comments here.

Have a great day!

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