Friday, March 1, 2013

February Readers' Features and the next Monthly Challenge

Today’s post features a couple spaces from readers that participated in my February Laundry Room Challenge.

I was so excited to receive these features yesterday afternoon; I could hardly wait to share them with all of you.

Here’s the first one:

It looks like she had some good ideas before the challenge and I think you will be able to see how she really took those ideas to the next level. Here are her before pictures...

And here are her afters...

Why I like it:

  • The clutter is cleared!
  • Using decorative hook racks for items like her vacuum attachments and other things is not only effective, but also unique!
  • Her colors are all cohesive and the fresh coat of paint on the walls really shows off the room!
  • I love her daughter’s backpack hanging on a hook, which keeps it off the floor and from getting dirty.
  • By adding baskets to the top of the dryer, she’s keeping things in order and accessible.
  • And my favorite addition to the room, the colorful rug!

I bet walking into her laundry room puts on a smile on her face!

Now from another reader:

 This reader shared with me that she was on a tight budget for a laundry room makeover (under $100), but wanted to make some changes to the room because it was not functioning as well as it could be.  I think you will agree that the changes have made a great improvement to the space.

By adding an inexpensive pegboard she was able to get things off of the floor and onto an organized wall!

I love that she added these great baskets on her shelf that keeps things hidden and in order.  She incorporated an inexpensive curtain and then added some DIY ribbons – what a great idea!

By adding the tray on top of her dryer she is able to easily access the dryer sheets and a place to drop the pocket change.


The additions of the rug and wall décor (which she found from our previous blog) finish the room off nicely.


Thanks so much ladies for sharing your makeovers with the O is for Organize community!

So, now that February is behind us, are you ready for the March Madness of organizing?
Seems like an appropriate time to get our GARAGES/CARPORTS/STORAGE SHEDS cleaned up for the summer!  This might be a challenge that you can recruit the help of hubbies, boyfriends, kids, neighbors (just kidding) - you get the idea!
I hope I have gotten your juices flowing for March’s challenge!  Stay tuned next week for some ideas and tips on getting your space organized.
Have a great weekend!


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