Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

This past Christmas, my daughter, Katie pleasantly surprised me with this interesting table.

Why interesting, you ask -  (assuming, of course, that you are asking).

Let’s start with where she found it.  Katie has a friend who was renting an old house in Baton Rouge and there was some furniture that was left behind in the house.  That make's for some mystery as to the origin of this table which, for me, is very interesting.

Her friend was moving out of state and didn’t want to take the table with her and Katie just knew I had to have it!!

However, the table came with a disclaimer.  Katie wanted me to know that the table was in need of repair and that she wanted to be a part of refurbishing it!

I was skeptical about changing anything about the table because it was just so unique.  However, I knew that she really wanted to do this with me and I will never shy away from time I can spend with my children.  You empty nesters out there can relate!

About a month ago, she and I discussed planning a day to work on the table. Not putting two and two together, we scheduled it for April 4th (the one year anniversary of Mom’s passing).

I woke up that morning, feeling sad and missing Mom.  Wondering, why did I say this day to work on the table?  Shouldn’t I be spending it doing things that would remind me of Mom?  I didn’t really know how this day was going to turn out, but I have to admit I wasn’t very optimistic!

And then Katie showed up and it was as if my mom had tapped me on the shoulder or nudged me in the heart and said, “Spend this day with your daughter and enjoy every minute of every second you have with her today.”

So, after a trip to a local decor shop to pick out the paint colors and a great lunch (very "undiet" like) we headed home and got started.

 How about that for color?

We started out painting the table Barcelona Orange.  WOW!!! I wasn't too concerned because I knew I had the blue that I would be covering the table with later.

After the blue paint dried, we randomly sanded to distress the table and bring out some of the orange (a little bit) and the natural wood.

This picture was taken after we finished waxing one drawer with the clear wax.  You can see how much it really changes the color.

It was one of the best days I’ve had with Katie in a long time.  Now when I look at the table, which sits in my keeping room and kitchen area, so I see it a lot, I think about that day and I am so glad it happened just like it was suppose to!

Thanks Katie, for a gift that keeps on giving!

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