Friday, April 5, 2013

March Reader Reveal

I’m super excited to share this reader’s Garage Makeover with you today. Shannon is the wife of my nephew, Drew and the proud owner of the ping pong table I talked about the other day.

She and Drew recently built their first home and being the organized girl that she is, her garage was already in  pretty good shape, so she fell into the “tidy upper” category.

She and Drew are getting ready for a garage sale so most of what you see on the left side will be gone soon!

I love that she is utilizing space going up the walls!

  I asked her how she came up with the set up of her garage and here is what she had to say:

"We didn't realize how much we accumulated in our apartment after just a year of living there.  I became slightly overwhelmed when it came to the organization of the garage but knew that I wanted it in different sections."

What were the sections that you came up with?

"Our garage functions in parts, but works together well. I designated a Sports Section for my husband. It houses the ping pong table and a golf organizer that I purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond."

"This is our Entertainment Storage SectionI am able to free up space in my kitchen by using this part of the garage to store items like beverage canisters, paper products, plastic cups and utensils.  We received a lot of entertaining items when we got married and I love being able to step into the garage and easily access them." 

 She purchased these cabinets from Target to house the bar/entertainment items.

"We purchased these shelving units from Target as well for car washing/cleaning products, beach towels, hurricane kit supplies and extra large kitchen items."

 The bottom shelf is her Hurricane Supply Section.  "Being that we live in South Louisiana, we always want to be prepared in case of an emergency hurricane evacuation."

"I keep items like toilet paper, can goods, first aid kit, masks, and other recommended items in this container."

Her final thoughts:

"I'm really anxious to have a garage sale so that I can clear the left side and have it looking as good as the right."

I think she is well on her way to one heck of a nice garage!

Thanks Shannon for sharing your pictures and comments with us at O is for Organize!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Kelly said...

Wow Shannon, the garage looks great!

Shannon Etheridge said...

Thanks Kelly! It's definitely still a work in progress but its coming along. Thanks for featuring my space, Aunt Kim. Maybe after the garage sale it'll look as nice as yours. I'll keep you updated with more pictures.