Monday, April 29, 2013

What's in your Wallet?

Over the years, I have struggled with the best way to stay on a budget.

I've tried a couple of different ideas recently, but admittedly, failed miserably!

I was recently looking at a A Bowlful of Lemons website, when I came across a tab titled "Budget".  

You can read more about it here.  

In one of her posts, she talks about cash budgeting and why credit card purchases anesthetize the pain of paying.   In another post she discusses a cash envelope system.  I have actually tried a cash envelope system  in the past nd there were a lot of things I DID like about it.  However, the one thing I DIDN'T like...well let me just share an experience I had...


Picture this:  Your standing in line at the grocery store checkout and your cashier has just given you the total. You smile, and oh so studiously, proceed to go into your purse to get the cash.  You've got six different envelopes that all look the same and you just need to find that one labeled "Groceries".

Searching....and searching....why is it that things go into a black hole once they enter our purses?

Jeopardy music is now ticking in your ears because you've got four people in line behind you.  You smile, and say "I know its in here, I just need a second".  

Here comes the sweatballs...

And then, you stumble across the old faithful credit card.  The voice in your head starts talking...."I shouldn't"...."the people behind you are getting aggravated"..."just do can pay it back later"...  

Before you even stand a chance of thinking about it again....swipe away!

And just as you are pressing that last green enter button, there it is...magically, you're "Groceries" envelope rears its pretty little head. don't dare ask her to void the charge and start over...

Are you getting the picture?

As I read on about the "cash envelope system" that Toni @ A Bowlful of Lemons uses, I had renewed faith that I could possibly make that "Cash System Budget" work!

She featured a pouch from Etsy at www.atime4everything.


Without hesistation, I chose my favorite pattern and ordered my new pouch.

budget pouch

I opted for bright colors so it would be easy to locate in my purse.  I love that I can zip it closed and know that everything will stay intact.

budget folders

It comes with six clear tabs but you can order more if need be. 

I received it in less than a week and have already written my categories on the tabs. I used a fine point sharpee to label my tabs and  I can change them if needed, by using rubbing alcohol and a tissue. Now I just need to fill them up with moolah!

And, if the renewed cash budget system fails again, well...I might have to look into Shopaholics Anonymous.

What type of budget system do you use?  How is it working for you?  

Happy Organizing!



Melissa Kaiserman said...

I'm so glad you like your wallet! Thanks for the shout-out. :)

Kim Thomas said...

Hi Melissa!

I love it! You are welcome. Some of my followers are planning to order one!