Monday, April 1, 2013

March Challenge Reveal

Whew….what a month….what a challenge!

First, I must say….this was a tough one for me!

When you see my before pictures, you will know immediately what I’m talking about!  If anyone had a garage that looked as bad as mine before, you can relate!

Every time I walked out my back door and into my garage, I cringed.  So, this challenge was one I knew needed to happen but was dreading (and so was my husband)!

But, now that it is done, I couldn’t be happier and I think my husband even said, “we could eat off the floor out here”.

I think most people (me included) love to see before and after pictures, so I’m not going to delay any further:


Okay...let me just say the cabinets were installed prior to March but I literally tossed items in them without any organization because I just wanted to get things off the floor. So, here's some before and afters of the cabinets.

I wanted this cabinet to be mainly dedicated to sports items.

This cabinet has small items like masks, sandpaper and hooks in the plastic containers on the top shelf.  I put the electric drill and air pumps on a shelf that has an electrical outlet so they can be charging when not in use. The bottom half of this cabinet is dedicated to thermoses and stadium items.

Here's a close up of those smaller items that worked great in these containers.

Not sure why I didn't take a before shot of this cabinet, maybe because I didn't have to make a lot of changes to it.  The top shelf is large light bulb storage and the second shelf is auto and motor oils for lawn equipment.  The bottom two shelves are for lawn and landscape.

Some containers my daughter made in a pottery class.  My Dad was quite handy and she made them for my Mom in his memory.  When my Mom passed, I knew I wanted to have them in my garage.  

I used drawers to store things like paint supplies, electrical cords, work rags & towels.

This is a deeper drawer that holds large extension cords.  Here are some of  my cord cuffs being put to good use!

I had these glass containers that I didn't want to get rid of so I decided to store nails and screws in them!

This next shot is really, really bad but it makes for a great Before & After, right?! 

There was a TREMENDOUS amount of purging that took place!  The ping pong table went to a nephew who has reported his ping pong skills have never been better!

I call this my Husband's Wall of Fame!  

This came together in various stages.  Thank goodness for my engineer husband for this part.  After deciding what we wanted to hang on the wall, I researched different systems that I blogged about here.  

We laid everything out on the garage floor to determine placement of items to place on wall.  

We He then had to determine how high he could install the tracks.  After locating the studs and installing the metal track, we attached the facing.  Then we were able to attach all of the hooks.

Just had to show it off again!

This is the wall closest to the door leading into my house.

These containers are used to store flashlights, batteries, small light bulbs and patio items.  I also keep my bird feed stored in the large pitcher.  It has a spout that makes it easy to fill my bird feeder.

After we saw how nice and organized the garage was, the dirty floor really stood out and we knew we had to change it.  
My brother in law shared this product with me that he used on his floor which I  have admired for years, so I didn't have to do a lot of research in making a selection.  I went with tan but it is also available in gray.  It is a much cheaper version than having it done professionally (I actually got a quote a couple of years ago and I almost passed out!)

My husband painted a 4' x 4' area at a time, (as instructed) and then I went behind him with the chips!

Well, there you have it!  Like I said, "Whew, what a challenge".

Can we say Heaven!!!
So, please, please, please send me your pics of your Garage Makeover regardless of how small or big.  I don't want to think I (& the hubby) were the only ones out there working our "you know whats" off!

Now that March and our garages/sheds/cars are done, it's time to get busy in April!

I will share a lot more about it tomorrow, but April's Monthly Challenge is:



Kelly said...

This is AMAZING!!!! I never thought I'd say that about a garage, but this one is incredible! I think the well laid out wall of fame is my favorite! I had no idea Katie made those pottery jars; they are awesome!

Shannon Etheridge said...

You did such a great job!! All the hard work paid off!

Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job with your March challenge! You have a wonderful ability to visualize beyond what is and see what could be. Tossed in with that ability to visualize is a strong work ethic to follow thru on that vision!!! Your selection of the cabinets, the wall support system, and the epoxy paint for the ugly concrete floor was a great selection of materials. These quality products should last for many years to come! Thank you for everything you did to make the March challenge a wonderful success!!!