Monday, April 22, 2013

Too Busy for a Lizard

Let me first preface this post by saying that it would be an understatement to say I have a terrible phobia of lizards…..I hate them so much I’m considering therapy!

When I last posted, I certainly didn’t plan to be gone for a week...but so glad to be back!

I guess sometimes our lives get busier than we can anticipate, no matter how organized we are.

I knew that last week would be busy; for starters, I would be putting the finishing touches on my refrigerator makeover.  I also knew that I would be changing our cable, internet and phone service. Additionally, I knew that I would be going to New Orleans for a quick day visit with Kelly and to bring her some containers that came in for her refrigerator makeover.

What I didn’t know was that I was going to lose a FULL day of internet service.  I also didn’t know that the containers I was bringing to Kelly weren’t going to arrive at my house until 7 pm that evening. And, I definitely didn’t know that when I got to Kelly’s we were going to Annie Sloan 3 pieces of furniture, yes I said “3”, rearrange the master bedroom, and go on a shopping excursion.    I should say that Kelly didn’t know that either…it just kind of happened, which, by the way, I’m not complaining about!!  Thank goodness I packed an overnight bag just in case!

Side note:  We were in such a hurry to go shopping for new items for her bedroom that when I changed my clothes, I put my shirt on inside out, only to have a lady in line at the store inform me of such!

refrigerator makeover
Here I am trying to hide that fact that had just been pointed out to me!!

Unfortunately, I managed to leave her house without taking A SINGLE after picture of the three pieces of furniture or the bedroom.  When I get the pictures from her, I will be sure to share.  Everything came out really nice and I’m anxious to show it all off!

Likewise, I’m just as anxious to share my newly organized refrigerator!

Here is my refrigerator before I got started.

refrigerator makeover

And here it is after.

refrigerator makeover

After reading A LOT of blogs about Fridge Coasters, I knew I had to have them.  They are super absorbent “liners” and are easily installed into the fridge. They come in 3 different sizes and patterns and help keep the shelves clean!

refrigerator makeover

refrigerator makeover
 I love how they provide a consistent look in the fridge!

After doing an inventory of my staple items, I decided which ones I wanted in food storage containers and then determined where I would place them in the fridge. 

refrigerator makeover
Love these for our yogurt and cheeses.

refrigerator makeover
Look at this little guy!  Don’t you hate an opened stick of butter and no where to put it!

refrigerator makeover
Love this one for bacon!

refrigerator makeover
Fruits and vegetables BEFORE

refrigerator makeover

refrigerator makeover

refrigerator makeover

If you are interested in purchasing Fridge Coasters you can go to their website here.

All of my containers were purchased from The Container Store and some are currently on sale at the time of this posting.

How is your Kitchen Makeover Challenge progressing?   Have you found any great items to help organize your kitchen that you would like to share with us?  Please post your comments!

Oh yeah, about the lizard….when we were getting ready to go shopping I heard a loud scream from the other room, which was followed with “Mom, there’s a lizard in the house!”  OMG!!!  I guess when we rearranged the master bedroom, we must have disturbed our little house guest!  Thank goodness for her next door neighbors’ son who was more than happy to catch the sucker and remove him!  Yuck!  I’m getting goosies just writing about it!

Happy Organizing!


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