Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's Favorite Things Tuesday!

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Meet my 

Cheese Grater

What does that have to do with organizing?

Not exactly sure...but I guess I could come up with something.....like.....

How nicely it stores (all of the lids snap together)...


Okay...so maybe not so much...but

It really is one of my favorite things!

and here's why:

It comes with three different grater sizes that are have different colors which makes it easy to identify which size you are looking for.

You can place one of the lids on the bottom so that it won't move around while grating.

There is also a solid lid that can be used to store the cheese right in the container that you grated it in.  One less item to clean!

It even has the measurements printed on one side of the container to use for a recipe.

Probably my most favorite part is no more cut knuckles!!!!

Where can one find this awesome little gal..................Sur la Table!

(Definitely not receiving any compensation to advertise.  This is just my personal opinion based on my experience using this product for the last couple of years.)


This one is available at Ikea for significantly less which does have some of the same features.

Tonight I will be putting my grater to good use when making Chicken Ranch Tacos, a recipe from Six Sisters Stuff blog.  Yummmmm!

Have a grate, I mean, great day!

Corny, I know!




Love this item... Thanks for the grate post..
I don't care if it's cheesy!!!

Kim Thomas said...

Very clever Nene! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love this grater! I grate Abuelita Nestle's Chocolate - an authentic Mexican hot chocolate drink tablet and I put a tablespoon of this grated chocolate in my coffee and have Mexican Coffee like they do it in Mexico! I like to store the chocolate in the container but then I can't use the grater for onions and cheese and other things. Oh well, I might need a couple more!